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Dear Santhosh ,


Could you tell us more about the "accreditation as ISO 30401 KMS Auditor certificate from ICE" you have received.


As far as I am aware, ISO 30401 is not subject to certification (no obligation for an external audit).

It provides only a general framework for the integration of a knowledge management system and explains its advantages.



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Le ven. 2 oct. 2020 à 22:45, Santhosh Shekar <santhoshshekar@...> a écrit :

Greetings to the KM community, 


I had started a poll on ISO 30401 KMS visibility and applicability in organisations few days back on my linkedin. I am trying to extend the survey in every possible avenue to gather inputs from one and all.


Please click here to cast the vote.


I am thankful to those who have already filled the poll.


The background to this survey was to determine the traction of KM standard in the industry, as I am in process of editing my book on practical implementation of KM standard requirements.  The poll result is open for anybody to see. I will share my views on it after the poll ends.


I am not sure, whether I had written anything in this forum from the times of yahoo group. But this community has always enriched my learning experience, thanks to Stan for being such an amazing fountain of wisdom for seekers in KM field. 


To those who do not know me, I am Santhosh Shekar, working as KM practitioner for over 20+ years in various organisations and still going strong. I do not have consultancy business. I am from Bengaluru, India; but based out of Oman at present. 


 I did receive second accreditation as ISO 30401 KMS Auditor certificate from ICEE this year. 

I do understand there are several school of thoughts with regard to the KM standards. Regardless of that, please do participate, I guess every voice is covered in the option. 




Santhosh Shekar







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