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Nick Milton

Hi Sachin


You can find some survey data about KM benefits in the following blog post


The blog also contains 140 case histories of quantified KM value


We wrote a newsletter on the topic of KM ROI back in 2012 on KM and ROI which you can find here, and which explains ways in which KM ROI can be calculated


Hope these resources help


Nick Milton



From: <> On Behalf Of Sachin Joshi
Sent: 15 October 2020 15:08
Subject: [SIKM] KM ROI #question


Hello all, this is my first post on this very insightful forum/group.

I am KM consultant in IT organization. We implement and monitor lot of good KM practices in our teams. We also see good benefits of all these, unfortunately showcasing them as quantitative benefits is always a challenge (I am talking about benefits such as reduction in xxxx, improvement in xxxx and so on... not about quantitative KM dashboard data such as no. of SMEs, no. of posts, no. of assets, no. of sessions, etc.).

The question which is always asked on KM performance is, what is the benefit. Change in culture, improvement in collaborating, creation of assets, etc. is not an answer to this. since this is just an output but not measure of benefit/success. Can someone share, how we can correlate KM with business benefits OR how can we show return on investment in KM. Thank you.

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