Re: KM ROI #question #value

Sreejith Menath

Hi Sachin,
Authors here have stated various quantifiable metrics with varied contextual relevance. They are important indeed, and need to be considered.
But here, my approach to this is 'pre-metric systematization.'
Even before, you think of relating a KM activity with an organizational strategic outcome and then create a metric around it.First you need to map meaningful clusters of KM activities/processes to functional processes of enterprise architecture. Both with regard to level of people/roles and the informational  pathways that relate them with one another.
Then, you proceed to update these clusters with along their labels and characterization to cross-functional - KM mapping .
In each level there need to be calibration with regard to alignment or mis-alignment with organizational goals. Again alignment not (only) in terms of mathematical measures, but more so on "semantic and contextual relevance"
Finally the cross-cluster mappings need to be integrated to single version of truth inter-connected thread, which has a one-shot representation of status quo, given any level of modularity required by the decision makers.
Based on the coherence or may be lack of it thereof, the top management can identify gaps and chalk out ways to measure and improve, using "meaningful" measures. These measures can now assume an auto-focus capability to reflect the required level of granularity rather than a disconnected one-off number, that do not say much about what happened behind the screen.

Hope this helps, with some pointers.
Open for discussion and critiques on this.


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