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None, as far as I know. I am coaching several recently riffed friends in "network building". The only thing many of these professional outplacement firms[every friend got a different firm based on his/her past employer] do is to proclaim networking as a "must do" activity -- but they do not back it up with training/coaching/teaching.

The one common problem I see in most of my recently riffed friends is they did NOT build their network before they needed it. And what ties they had were all massively redundant to their immediate corporate colleagues -- many who got let go together with them.

They are madly networking now, but everyone they now meet knows they have a transaction they are anxious to pull out of their back pocket... "needy networking" [as I call it] has a large failure rate.

The message I keep repeating: The network you are building now should not atrophy once you get your new job! In fact use your new job to expand and diversify your network -- always have several paths in case your job ends tomorrow. I also keep reminding them that quantity is not the answer -- build a strategic, wide-ranging network, with both strong and weak ties. Size is not the prize -- it is reach that matters.


On Jun 10, 2008, at 4:40 PM, Tom Short wrote:

Now I find myself
wondering how many of the job search agencies are aware of these
findings, and incorporate the conclusions into their "how to"
materials on networking for job seekers. I haven't seen anything
about "weak ties" being so valuable. Interesting!

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