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A better way to think of weak ties is as "bridging" ties -- connections you have to people that run in different circles and therefore have access to different information/knowledge/opinions/ ideas/etc than you do.


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One more tidbit on weak ties.

A close friend and colleague from British Telecom once told me that your close knit group of strong ties will give you great access and deep sharing, but not so much new knowledge and connections because you already read the same books, think the same thoughts as your close group.

It is the weak ties where you get the greatest extension of your knowledge, network and new perspectives.

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Thanks, all, for your thoughts, pointers and insights. The
Granovetter work was especially illuminating and helpful. Hadn't
heard of him before - very helpful pointer.

So that pretty much clears up my question. Now I find myself
wondering how many of the job search agencies are aware of these
findings, and incorporate the conclusions into their "how to"
materials on networking for job seekers. I haven't seen anything
about "weak ties" being so valuable. Interesting!

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