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Patrick Lambe

Well there you go Matt… another opportunity lost...

I remember a remark you made in a much earlier version of the ROI discussion years back, where you pointed out that making an ROI argument or any value-based argument is as much a political act as a reasoning or communication act. This has stuck with me for its astuteness.

(1) it implies that we really do need to know what our audiences really care about in framing and making arguments and seeking to gain or sustain support;
(2) it explains why (when we don’t really understand the politics or audience concerns) we spend so much time on things like ROI measures that look and feel bulletproof, and then get astonished and disappointed because they leave our audiences cold;
(3) it explains why personal reputation and credibility can be influential in getting and keeping support even where the quantitative arguments are weak, and why even robust ROI arguments might fail to convince, or weak qualitative ambitions might be given the benefit of the doubt “because she has a reputation for delivering”.


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“Gordon Way is the owner of WayForward Technologies II a British software start up company that has often been likened to a British Microsoft, mainly by Gordon himself. 

WayForward has two fabulously lucrative products. 

Reason allows users to specify in advance the decision they want it to reach, and only then to input all the facts. The program's task was to construct a plausible series of logical-sounding steps to connect the premises with the conclusion. The only copy was sold to the US Government for an undisclosed fee.”

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