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Julien Tremblay-McLellan

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1- Intro

I'm Julien a Library and Information Science student in Ottawa.

I always like to visit a person's web presence to get an idea about them. The only useful infot are my 2 Linkedin articles, (auto-extension dialing, modern email signatures) the rest is just window dressing.

I am really into lexicography and terminologies. A principle that has been inhabiting me lately, is the Rumplestiltskin principle. I am also curious about opensource technologies.

2. Resource Questions

2.1-- Where can I find a beginner guide to KM ? such as communication, media and literature?

2.2-- Does anyone know of a solid KM glossary?

2.3-- Is there any literature on the most effective models of online communication, ie how to structure an email, a web page, how to layout information so it is ingested in the correct manner.

I try to apply the funnel principle that has been popularized by newspapers. Start with the most important and work done to the minutae however that doesn't count for the fact that regular writing is not so myopic especially when communicating to an other person.

3. Resource Questions

Is there a word for : open communication that can be indexed and consulted by a late comer. For example, I can consult the archives of the SIKM mailing list, however private emails, chats and such other material are unaccessible to me.

Is there a term for the open side of this phenomenon?

I believe the latter would be private communication? Yet the problem with the open and private terms is that they are note accurate. Group communication can be done openly by private means (usually emails) that can not be consulted by a new party that was not present at the time.

Also, what would you call : the phenomenon of having an open and above board web presence. For example, take Stan Garfield's web presence vs Gwern who remains as active yet completely anonymous hiding his human form.

The term "identity exposure" comes to mind, but it doesn't feel succinct.


Julien Tremblay McLellan



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