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Stan Garfield

Julien, welcome to the community, and thanks for your post!

Here are my answers. I hope that other members will also respond.

>Where can I find a beginner guide to KM?
  1. Recommended Sites, Books, Blogs, Newsletters, Consultants, and Thought Leaders
  2. KM Books
  3. Learning about the field of Knowledge Management
  4. 10 Ways to Build Expertise in Knowledge Management
  5. Implementing a Successful KM Program
>Does anyone know of a solid KM glossary?
  1. This article contains links to multiple glossaries: Defining knowledge management: Toward an applied compendium by John Girard  and JoAnn Girard
  2. Glossary of Knowledge Management by Olivier Serrat
  3. Glossary of terms used in competitive intelligence and knowledge management by Vernon Prior
  4. Knowledge Management Glossary by Karl Wiig and Elisabeth Wiig
  5. Knowledge Management Glossary by APQC
  6. Knowledge Management Glossary by Reid G. Smith
  7. A glossary of terms associated with Knowledge Management technologies and solutions by the Delphi Group
  8. Knowledge Management (KM) Glossary by The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
  9. Glossary of Knowledge Management and Capacity Development by Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  10. 100 Knowledge Management Specialties, 50 KM Components, and 50 Alternative Names for KM by Stan Garfield
>Is there any literature on the most effective models of online communication, i.e., how to structure an email, a web page, how to layout information so it is ingested in the correct manner?
  1. Articles about Communications
  2. User Interface, User Experience & Usability for Knowledge Management
>open communication
>I can consult the archives of the SIKM mailing list, however private emails, chats and such other material are inaccessible to me.
  • This is why I redirect queries sent privately to me to this open community. I prefer to answer questions here rather than in private exchanges. This allows others to also benefit, and allows for others to also provide answers.

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