Homeworking: is the city centre dead? (free zoom conference) #COVID-19 #remote-work


Hi all,


I'll be speaking on the future of city centres as COVID accelerates changes in working patterns and company adaptation.


Thursday 19th November at 11am (GMT) - Homeworking: Is the city centre dead?




We’ll be discussing four questions applied to retail, office, industrial and leisure commercial adaptation:


  1. Will the world return to what it was, or is COVID the great excuse?
  2. How have people’s needs changed?
  3. What should we watch out for in policy response?
  4. What don’t we yet know but consultants will start offering advice on?


The discussion is informed by commercial location data analysis I’ve been doing for the UK government since March, reviewing longitudinal data on location-based commercial activity across the UK.


Hope of interest …







Gavin Chait is a data scientist and development economist at Whythawk.

uk.linkedin.com/in/gavinchait | twitter.com/GavinChait | gavinchait.com


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