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James Robertson

On 17/11/20 4:12 am, Catherine Shinners wrote:

Jane McConnell has done research over the past few years on this topic.  Jane is based in France and has advised and done research on organizations for many years.  She began to define what she calls the Gig Mindset based on her research over the past few years.

I spent the best part of a week with Jane at her house in the south of France just a week before Covid lockdowns really started (and I only just made it back to Oz in time!).

Jane has done a heap of thinking on this, and a huge amount of research. Her previous work on digital workplaces was transformational, and I'm sure her new book on the gig mindset will be too (coming out early next year).

So definitely do reach out to her, I'm sure she'd love to chat! :-)


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