Re: Internal Gig Marketplaces #future-of-work

Stan Garfield

Tammy, I interviewed John Hovell for my second book, and one of his go-to theories (TMs) may be relevant. Here are some summary bullets, and I suggest talking to him directly.

Talent Markets (TMs)

        Match the supply and demand of

        Organizational talent

        Customer requirements

        Similar to WOL

        Another tactical, bold, and scary approach

        Rethinking how organizations get work done

        Think of this one as an equation

        On one side you have thousands of employees

        On the other side you have thousands of customer requirements

        Let the system match them up

        Not the traditional divide and conquer approach based on




        Employees could

        See all customer-based tasks

        Choose to contribute to any of them

        Based on employees’




        Tasks could recommend themselves to people who are


        Interested in completing them

        Demand and supply

        Finding each other

        To create market equilibrium

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