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Katrina Pugh

Hello, SIKM
Last week's KM World Connect was tremendously fun, with SIKM'ers from all over the globe. This was a reunion for which I am thankful on this day of thanksgiving. As Stan mentioned, Aprill Allen, Nancy Dixon and I shared SIKM's gender and diversity research. Over 30 SIKM'ers contributed over the last year, and many more have engaged in the Blueprint since May. 

After describing the data and insights on diversity and bias, we presenters shared three case studies of communities embracing difference: Company Command (Nancy), Intel Enterprise Architects (Kate), and Australian Center for Social Innovation (Aprill).

 Often we don't really measure what we think we are, and diversity and inclusion are no exceptions. Please share how you know if your CoP is inclusive, appreciative, welcoming and valuable. Please add your ideas to the open google doc. here:

Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Katrina Pugh
AlignConsulting | Collaboration AI and Strategy 
Columbia University | Info and Knowledge Strategy Master's Program Faculty

On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 10:06 AM Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> wrote:
If you registered for last week's KMWorld Connect virtual conference, you can view the recordings of most sessions until March 1, 2021.

Here is the list of speakers.

Here are the sessions related to SIKM:
  1. SIKM Meetup
  2. C404 - Gender & Diversity in Communities - In November 2019 the SIKM Leaders Community of Practice (CoP) started on a self-study on gender and diversity. As a successful 20-year-old entity with more than 900 members worldwide, SIKM is the go-to community for anyone interested in the KM profession. Yet, in a series of posts, we uncovered fissures in the way women and newer members experienced the CoP. Preliminary diversity statistics were alarming, so action was taken: convening a series of focus groups to learn more about the members and their journeys, reading research on gender bias, studying CoP literature and defining an SIKM Blueprint that was not just inclusive, but intentional in the way it guided how we converse, share experiences, and innovate. The SIKM Blueprint, and the ongoing work led by the community champions, has broadened the SIKM Leaders' reach, engagement modalities, and impact.

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