Re: Making SIKM Presentations More Widely Available #APQC

Peter West


It sounds like a win-win if you are able to maintain the leadership and control over the selection of presenters and the presentation timetable. I am assuming that the APQC will be profiled as the Sponsor and that circulation and intellectual property rights remain with the presenter. Expanding the audience to include APQC-related KM contacts would be beneficial.

Are you and HP comfortable with APQC involvement?

Have you received a time and budgetary commitment from the APQC (e.g., a trial period of three-months leading to a minimum of a one-year commitment of sponsorship and resources)?

Best regards,

Stan Garfield wrote:

APQC has offered to play a larger role in supporting the SIKM Leaders
Community. This could include con call logistics, providing wider
access to presentations, and providing a blog platform.

Before agreeing to any of this, I wanted to ask the members for their
views. If you agree, disagree, or have other suggestions on this topic,
please reply to this thread. No decisions will be made without first
notifying the members.


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