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Hi Arthur, 

As a commitment to professional mutual support I would be pleased to donate $100 per annum for this Arther. If OK wiht you, could you circulate where I / we can follow this through (or email me personally).  

By way of reflection, I now have carried the title of KM specialist in one governmental institution for over 10 years. To me, that seems extraordinary given the different discourses and narratives we now observe amongst ourselves, including with rise of the Real KM magazine.

Of course, my length of service does not necessarily equate to realising personal or professional ambitions. The rise of COVID related matters (and coincidently, my secondment into COVID work for one of our State Govt agencies) has been a sobering reminder to us all (and to me) that the world of phenological science knows no neat paradigmatic boundaries, in the same way as physics impacts bushfire behaviour. Whatever views we may or may not hold, we can but respect the impact of evolutionary science. I can but admire what our State Governments on the whole, here in Australia have done much to draw on subject matter experts to generate real-world policy responses in response to COVID in particular. And, I can but hugely emphathise with family and friends in the US and Britain in terms of what is happening there. 

Here's hoping a new era might unfold in Australia in regard to climate and adaptations and that the US and Australia can continue to be great friends and confidants in these types of demanding global agenda. 

All best for the new year.


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Happy New Year KMers,


I hope that your festive season was full of shared experiences and rekindled relationships (proving that KM is a real science that has practical application even in our personal lives).


You may be aware that in December (in that year we do not wish to mention), a GOOD thing happened…

Real KM Magazine received a well deserved Knowledge Award from the Australian Society for Knowledge Management.

I wanted to share a few reflections on this service here (which I also did on KM4Dev, so apologies for cross-posting).


I would appreciate your considering this post to ensure Real KM magazine can be sustainable in the excellent service it provides and is recognised for…

Thanks… (neither Stephen nor Bruce asked me to write this or knew it was coming before I posted it):


RealKM Magazine is a shining example of genuine knowledge sharing that adds value to all readers.

Everyone in this forum will benefit from being a regular reader (and potentially a contributor).


Stephen Bounds (Founder) & Bruce Boyes (Lead writer and editor – both contributors here in this forum as well) deserve all the accolades they have received for the very hard work they invest, and continue to invest. They publish a credible (evidence based) and insightful (full of useful ideas and examples of good KM Practice) publication that is superior to some high cost commercial/academic publications.


The reason we benefit from this quality publication is Stephen & Bruce invest many more hours than they get paid for and this is not a sustainable (or fair) model. 

If each reader became a subscriber, even if only donating $1 per week (a fraction of the cost of a cup of coffee), the magazine could generate an even more comprehensive sharing and the people creating the value for you, could be more appropriately compensated for their effort. I personally financially patronise the initiative because I believe in what the magazine achieves for many. I encourage all KMers to think about reciprocity, respect and mutual value relationships


Mostly, we get what we deserve in life ... but with the advent of internet an unreasonable expectation “free extraction” mentality is becoming more common in society.

Societies like SIKM Leaders are a terrific source of Knowledge, because of a few people like Stan and his contributing friends investing time to assist others. This is great thing. However, not everyone can do this, which should not limit the range of ways we can acquire knowledge.


Of course we can get "Free information" – but it is a gamble on what you receive in an internet search. 

However ...

invest significant time to critically analyse the search output content to make informed judgement to separate outright lies from promotional propaganda from (potential) "truths" (they are all out there).

Then ...

verify the evidence behind the potential "truths" to determine how credible they are what the knowledge gaps & limitations are...


At this stage, you are far better served to subscribe to RealKM Magazine as this is the investment they do for you...

Surely this is worth making a contribution to...?


I reflect on the thinking that expects high quality services to be available free! 

Ask your local shops if you can pop in and grab anything you want - for nothing ...

Unlike your shops, RealKM Magazine just want to cover their costs of being a KM Sharing Role Model, not make a profit.

Please think about this, as unsustainable models eventually expire. 

Can you spare the cost of a coffee each month?

How much value can you create when you apply the received knowledge?

Would you share all you insights with everyone for no return? 

How much can you expect others to simply give you fir nothing?


If we want a fair sharing world/community (effectively a foundation principle of KM), we need to balance our contributions and receiving actions!

We are the culmination of the decisions we make – individually and collectively.






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