Re: Making SIKM Presentations More Widely Available #APQC

Albert Simard <simarda@...>

This idea is intriguing from a number of perspectives.  I suspect that APQC sees this as a way to gain access to a rich body of content and perhaps some profile by linking to a world-class body of KM expertise.  On the other hand, SIKM might be able to benefit from not worying about day-to-day logistics and it might gain a high-profile platform for any products that it chooses to produce.
First some caveats:
  • Control of SIKM activities would have to remain with the group.
  • Membership would have to remain the prerogative of SIKM, regardless of APQC affiliation. 
  • Intellectual property should remain with SIKM.
  • Access should be at the discretion of SIKM (again, regardless of APQC affiliation). 
I see none of these limitations as onerous or deal-breaking.
Now the benefits for SIKM:
  • Eliminating the cost and effort of running SIKM
  • Providing a platform for disseminating products that we may wish to product from time to time. 
  • Endorsement of SIKM's work.  Any of us can distribute KM material via the web, as I have.  However that makes it just personal opinion, as an authored document or peresentation.  If, however, the material were incorporated into a SIKM product and distributed by APQC, it weould have notably more prestige.
  • I may be reiterating Bill's views somewhat less eloquently, but who knows - SIKM could end up as a case study for social networking success!  
Al Simard

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