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Arthur Shelley



I agree with Stephen - your experiences and contributions to this community over a long time have been of benefit to all.

Not everyone in any community always agrees with each other. The fact that there is a diverse range of perspectives about what KM is, what directions it is taking and how to optimise the benefits it offers to people and organisations is a good thing. The statement “for every PhD there is an equal and opposite PhD” stands in our paradoxical world- we CAN argue seemingly opposites and yet both be right. If we constructively and rigorously discuss differences, we are likely to evolve our collective and individual thinking. Your voice is an important part of this dialogue.


I know you were against the “standard” and that is a position help by a number of other experienced KMers. I don’t see the ISO3040 as a way to “standardise” what KMers do. I see it as foundation of important elements that every organisation will benefit from if they address these in a way that is aligned with their purpose and context. It helps those less experienced than us establish a stronger argument to implement knowledge initiatives and secure support from them, without prescribing details of what they do and how. Since the publication of the standard, there have been several books, guides and blogs written to assist people inside and outside the knowledge profession increase awareness of the importance of knowledge for sustainable success of people and organisations.


I certainly consider you a KM Thought Leader, whether you are on Stan’s list or not. The fact that you “speak your mind” publicly about how and why you see things differently is an important part of our collective learning and reflections. It helps every member to develop their knowledge maturity and highlights there are many views on what is best.  I hope you can find a way to see that your voice is respected in these exchanges of differences and is not being rejected. I hope you remain an active member of this forum and believe you have earnt your place in Stans List.



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Hi Boris,

Do you have any written summary of your current concerns that I could look at? Or are you prepared to explain further on this list for our benefit?

I remember you were skeptical of some of the ISO 30401 developments a while back. However, I wasn't aware of the depth of your concerns and think it would be useful for the community to understand what has precipitated this position.


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On 12/01/2021 4:37 am, Boris Jaeger wrote:

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Dear Stan,


could you please do me a favor and remove me completely from your KM Thought Leaders list.


I make this request in public to show my protest against the current developments in the field of Knowledge Management.


That's it for now.


Thanks, keep safe & healthy,


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