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Hi Dennis, 

Technology adoption of corporate or enterprise social networks is an area that I have closely researched during my academic work and applied in the professional context in my current job (The Case of GE Renewable Energy). 


Based on my experience and observations, I have formulated an initial conviction that a combination of UGT, TTF, TPB can mostly explain the adoption process and the post-adaptation behavior of individuals to continue to use a given technology (ESN). Consequently, my favorite theories are:

*UGT: Uses and Gratification Theory

*TTF: Task-Technology fit 

*TPB: Theory of planned behavior 

Detailed answer – 

Technology adoption models prove useful in understanding the user behavior and his acceptance of a technology, some other theories introduce characteristics that explain the organization decision to acquire the technology. Despite the importance of both aspects, technology adoption by an organization is actually influenced by the two aspects and thus they could not be addressed separately. Actually, the adoption of a technology inside an organization starts with the organization considering adopting it, collecting information about it and then deciding to acquire it (or not). But that is not enough, for a technology to be adopted inside the organization, users should also accept it for a long period of time. Only then a technology could be considered as successfully adopted inside the organization and it can start to produce business value. However, investigating the literature shows that existing theories and most of the new emerging models lack that holistic view. In fact, by combining existing models with existing constructs, researches succeed to enrich the technology adoption theories but still do not take into consideration simultaneously the two aspects that are: the determinants impacting each adoption process phase (pre-adoption, adoption, post-adoption) and the level of analysis (individual or organizational). 

In her recent research work, Dr. Sarah Beyrouthy has presented a very comprehensive literature study on the determinants of a successful technology adoption at both a) the level of analysis and b) each adoption process phase. I have attached an extract of the determinants influencing the technology adoption at each phase (pre-adoption, adoption-implementation, post-adoption). 

You may find her work at this link 

Thank you

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