SIKM Peer Assist - Lessons Learned Delivery - January 25, 2021 #lessons-learned #peer-assist

Tom Barfield

The SIKM Community will host a peer assist call to help David Graffagna in the challenge he recently posted - Lessons Learned Storage & Access. It will be held on Monday, Jan 25 from 3-4:30 PM CST.  The community has already responded with a treasure trove of thoughts and insights. This felt like a topic that would benefit from live conversation.  I encourage you to read David's post to better understand the problem.  Here is a taste from the end of David's post:

"Here's one of my biggest challenges … if we have hundreds of lessons learned what’s the best way of capturing and sharing (e.g., making them accessible) those without overwhelming our audiences … while making it easy for them to find the right lesson in the right context? So, bottom line … would love to know good, effective approaches you’ve seen around capturing and sharing those lessons. What have you seen around lessons learned from broad-ranging projects?"

If you can attend, please use the attached calendar file to add it to your calendar and to respond.  Also please send me a brief note (thomas.m.barfield@...) to let me know on a scale of 1-5 how active do you believe you will be on the call (1 - Plan to listen and learn TO 5 - You have experiences to share).  This will help me plan the discussion.


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