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Pugh, Katrina <katrina.pugh@...>

Hi, All –

This sounds good to me, and a great affiliation.  


  • Will there be any type of gardener role, so that we can begin to tag/connect our past presentations?


  • Also, I know something like this was said earlier, but we should have some governance principles, such as, when we quote each other for a revenue-oriented situation (say, as a consultant), we acknowledge the author, send a thanks, or something.



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Subject: [sikmleaders] Making SIKM Presentations More Widely Available


APQC has offered to play a larger role in supporting the SIKM Leaders
Community. This could include con call logistics, providing wider
access to presentations, and providing a blog platform.

Before agreeing to any of this, I wanted to ask the members for their
views. If you agree, disagree, or have other suggestions on this topic,
please reply to this thread. No decisions will be made without first
notifying the members.


--- In, Bill Kaplan wrote:
> I would suggest considering a multiple set of candidate sponsors if
> is the approach taken.

--- In, Mike Koffman wrote:
> Stan, if you put all these presentations together you will have a nice
> book of readings. Perhaps that is something to consider. Over time,
> quite a bit of intellectual capital has passed through this community.
> A volunteer committee might pick the "best" offerings and seek to get
> release permission from the authors. Perhaps an APQC-sponsored
> publication? The nice idea to me is the concept of a publication
> emanating from a an on-line virtual community.

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