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Douglas Weidner

Hi  Vandana,

The KM Institute's CKM curriculum is rich with such: KM case studies, KM strategies, KM KPIs and hot topics in KM. 

In particular, we focus on at least 12 strategic KM Initiative types and case studies, which we metaphorically call KM Bulls. KM Bulls include for example: CoPs, Expert/Expertise Locators, Lessons Learned (LLMP) and Best Practice Management Processes (BPMP), K Transfer & Retention (KT&R), Innovation, Connect & Collect, Rethink Learning, etc.

We primarily focus on 13 KM Implementation strategies, which we 'learn-by-doing, hence our KM PRACTICUM. We focus on both doing KM Metrics, but also on research-based activities that have proven to lead to increased likelihood of success.

All the above are documented in our KM Methodology, the core of our KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK)™.

If you have any specific questions, I can provide more info. However, please note, we are more about proven activities/processes (and continually improving them), than every latest emerging technology, many of which don't actually emerge or survive, even if they do emerge.

We do have a few technology pets (hot topics?). We are initiating tests for the enrichment of student-to-student collaborations, especially including gamification, initially in workshops, eventually in enterprise transformations.

Douglas Weidner
Chief CKM Instructor
Exec Chairman, KM Institute

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 10:33 AM Vandana Wadhawan via <> wrote:

Hi all,

I’m looking for reading materials such as KM case studies, KM strategies, KM KPIs and hot topics in KM. 

Any leads would be appreciated.
Vandana W

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