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Stephen Bounds

Hi Stu,

I don't have any specific research, but I think you might find some productive starting points in clinical practice. For example the document below has an extensive section on the process of evaluation and revision of clinical practice guidelines:

Specifically I thought this might be helpful as an overarching approach for your work:

Among possible methods for evaluation of guidelines are the following:

• comparing changes in clinical practice or health outcomes, or both, in areas of exceptionally high guideline promotion with changes in areas of exceptionally low guideline promotion;

• comparing health outcomes in areas of exceptionally high guideline uptake with outcomes in areas of exceptionally low guideline uptake—focus group testing can be useful to elucidate factors that have influenced this uptake.

When evaluating the guidelines it is important to focus on the guidelines themselves, rather than on the clinicians or other service providers. If there is little change in practice, or little adherence to the guidelines, this may be a consequence of a wide range of factors, among them the guideline development, dissemination and implementation process.

This would map nicely to a SenseMaker approach if you were so inclined and wanted to drill down into specific clusters.


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On 20/01/2021 9:22 am, Stuart French wrote:
Hi all,

The CFA R&D team are currently developing the "Our Operations" section of the 10-year Research Implementation Plan. 


We were wondering if you were aware of any research or data that allows us to understand how operational decisions are made and the types of response activities that are undertaken during an incident response by operational staff? Links to the broader decision making field would be appreciated, but anything specific to emergency services is what we are after.


We were hoping to design some research which captures the current baseline of response decisions and actions, evaluates their outcomes, and provide recommendations for improvements. This includes the difference between actual decision making and the official planned and reasoned decisions that are often talked about in retrospect once the outcome is known. 


It would be wonderful if you could point us in the direction of any people, existing resources, or data that would help us to better understand this space.


Stuart French
Program Mgr, Knowledge, Country Fire Authority (Australia)

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