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Tim Powell

I’m sure that all of us here are troubled by the fact that our world is awash in tidal waves of misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, propaganda, “sponsored content,” and the like — often with catastrophic results.  Many of the solutions currently being proposed for this global “infodemic” are supply-side focused — like regulating and/or moderating social media. But I feel that in addition, and perhaps ultimately to greater effect, we need to focus on the demand side — the consumers/users of information.


Basic training in digital media and information literacy is urgently needed at all age/expertise levels.  With ongoing updates, as the situation morphs.  I work with senior organizational leaders and university graduate students on this — but it needs to begin much earlier than that.  I’d propose that even age 15 is too late, and that it should begin around the same time as “adult topics” like sex education — 12 or so (which is typically the seventh grade here in the US.)


There is some of this already happening here and in Europe, but I don’t have details.  And as I understand it, it’s neither systemic nor sustained.  Any insights those of you here can offer will be most appreciated.



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Moria meant ages   15 - 18


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Hi Moria,

That's really interesting. Do you know if there is any publicly available information on the curriculum covered? (It's not a problem if it is not in English.)


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On 22/01/2021 10:05 pm, Moria Levy wrote:

Hello all
In Israel we have a special program in highschools teaching data, information and knowledge studies, as an expertise (learning 3 years from ages 15-180.
I am curious to know if any other country/state has similar programs.
Thank you,

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