Re: Teaching knowledge management as a discipline in schools #schools

Moria Levy

thank you all for your answers. Of course additional replies are welcomed.
When teaching high school students:
a. There is a great emphasize on skills, approaches and tools.
b. The examples and iseas are translated to their world- teaching presonal KM, knowledge retention of the their grandparents and family traditions, social media and knowledge sharing among youngsters, etc.
c. To those interested, details can be found at: info-data-knowledge and Curriculum. They learn about 1000 hours in the first two years around KM and at the last year run a major research/project on one of the three disciplines. Of course if there are any further questions- you can address me.
I am writing a case study research on the program to be published next year, but my interest on simlar programs is not limited to this research. So if you hear about some such program in the future- posting will be appreciated, and if one is starting to push a KM/Data Analysis/Information program in his or her country and want to consult... do not hesitate and be in touch.

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