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Richard Vines


How wonderful to hear that this is so and that such far sightedness exists ... I wonder if there is any public information about this sort of initiative?

The only bit of attempted dot joining I can  offer - and it may not be relevant - is to reference a significant body of inter-disciplinary knowledge now clustered at the Education Department at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the US that has its foci on the principles of multi-literacies and entailed learning by design through core knowledge processes

This is not quite the same as your seemingly explicit linkages between data, information and knowledge studies, as an expertise - embedded in a curriculum. 

In contrast, it is a perspective of knowledge processing and meaning making that encompasses the enormous diversity of learning contexts relevant to education today (primary, secondary, tertiary). This same way of thinking has been used to inform the development of learning by design publishing platform (CG Scholar), which includes the innovative conceptions of big data in education and reflective learning. 

Not sure how relevant this might be, but it is sure inspiring it is scale of imagination with a robust sense of knowledge theory and processing - including commitments to a communitarian sense of education - at its core. 

All best with it. 


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Hello all
In Israel we have a special program in highschools teaching data, information and knowledge studies, as an expertise (learning 3 years from ages 15-180.
I am curious to know if any other country/state has similar programs.
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