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David Graffagna

I agree ... I thought the call went well. A lot of valuable insight and experience from the group. 

Thanks for everyone who joined and shared ... it will be extremely helpful for my team as we move forward. And, I’m certain the follow-up we’ll share from the session will be a good resource for others in the SIKM. 



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I think the call went very well.  I will debrief with David in the next day or two and summarize the call.  We plan to add this summarization to the top of this document and then post this to the SIKM forum.  For now I have included a link to the agenda/notes and recording below.


A special thank you to Moira Levy, Kent Greenes, Dan Ranta, Ginetta Gueli, Evgeny Victorov, and Kate Pugh for volunteering to be our active peer assisters today!


To anyone who attended, please share your thoughts on the call – what worked well and what would you suggest we do different next time?




Link to Agenda/detailed notes (currently a Google Doc)


Link to call recording – If you’d like to jump to a section:

  • (0:00 to 11:00) Introduction
  • (11:00 to 17:00) Challenge Overview
  • (17:00 to 36:00) Q&A with David
  • (36:00 to 1:21:00) Peer Assist Discussion
  • (1:21:00 to 1:28:00) Impact on Thinking
  • (1:28:00 to 1:43:00) Debrief on discussion and similar events




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Was unable to make this session today. Will there be a recap or summary of what took place? Or will a replay be available? 
Would love to hear how it went. 
Thanks - 

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