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Murray Jennex

several years ago I was a member of the TechSets committee for California schools.  My role was as a IS/KM/Cybersecurity advisor.  One topic we really focused on was KM for teachers to help spread good practices and materials.  We also discussed curriculum issues but as I recall most of those dealt with teaching IS literacy and cybersecurity literacy to students.  KM was in the discussion also.  Let me know if you want to talk sometime, not sure I have a lot more to add but I'm not sure what you are looking for....murray jennex

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Hi Araceli,
a huge challenge. Like John I don't know anybody doing such a job but you may maybe find someone by contacting the following organizations.
IKIT at the University of Toronto developed the popular knowledge building theory, founded Knowledge Building International (KBI) in 2012, and is running annual Knowledge Building Institutes around the world.
ISKME has engaged in Knowledge Management in the past. (see paper) Current focus is on Open Educational Resources.
APQC is at least a leader in the field of Knowledge Management.
Finaly, one for your book shelf and an oldie (maybe a goldie)
  • Karen Edge (2005): Powerful public sector knowledge management: A school district example. Journal of Knowledge Management 9(6):42-52 (full text)
Sunny regards from Germany,

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