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Arthur Shelley

Hi Patrick and John,


I agree with Patrick that the success stories of KM can (sometimes, not always) be the small nuggets of gold in a dark pit of poor performance more widely across the organisation. I have found that sharing the failures can also be quite useful as they highlight what goes wrong and the impacts this can have. The fear of being embarrassed can be a wonderful motivator for those whose perception of their “position” is elevated. Although even this sometimes does not work. I remember advising of a series of risks that were likely to happen if the appropriate level of expertise was not built prior to a major milestone (with mitigating solutions). I was shouted down by the consulting partners on the project as being a “non-team player” and a pessimist. Management took the advice (and accepted the blind optimism) of the external consultancy party…

At the milestone, most of the highlighted risks happened (because the people responsible for the changed roles did not have the required knowledge to do them effectively). The milestone crashed the business and it lost $64 million in sales in the first month. The solution to the problem…? Hire another busload of employees from the consultancy business (at a cost less than 64 Million, but still requiring considerable unbudgeted allocation to be “extracted”). I guess I then understood what they meant by “non team player.” It appears I had chosen the “wrong team” to play with and misunderstood their purpose. The role of some consultants can be to create demand, and they certainly did that! We need to understand where the “knowledge” comes from and how credible their capabilities are and what their real motive is behind the advice they give.


It is good to have a range of stories to share that relate to a diversity of situations. Sharing something close to the bone, either as a positive or a negative, can be useful to influence stakeholders at all levels. Real examples are important and told truthfully, they can help influence decisionmakers – sometimes with optimism and at other times with a dash of pessimism (loaded with solutions to prevent the poor outcomes).



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Hi John - of course I was speaking with the benefit of hindsight and also with tongue in cheek :)


The kernel of seriousness inside that was that whenever we turn something into a fad, the rhetoric always exceeds the reality,  the stories we hear are filtered for the extraordinary, the disappointments are shuffled into the shadows, and so we only get the Hollywood version, which does not reflect the everyday encounters we suffer in the field. I think it is not unrealistic to attempt to be more truthful and unvarnished, no matter the sophistication of our implements. That’s the lesson I try to take to heart.





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If we had made it about the people and not systems we would also be a lot further along. The OPM group studying AI discovered that they need KM as a formal job series to aid them in understanding the practices. Now OPM is looking for federal contacts for people who hire or supervise KM. They have plenty of DoD where it is more prevalent. If we had also set forth a standard for what KM is we would be further along. Making it an inspected program would have done it also. In the past there are many was to identify what missteps were took along the way but remember those Giants of industry were plowing without their ox, using a hoe to do the work we are using tractors on. 

John Antill


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Giovanni (I realise this reply automatically disqualifies me, but that’s okay, I‘m not applying)


I just wanted to say how refreshing your email was, and to highlight the following telling phrases:


Consultants who:

"can be seriously engaged in innovative projects”

can demystify the unnecessary hype

can manage expectations,

Dreamers need not apply;

hostility toward the indiscriminate usage of the word "disruptive" preferred


If we had used Bostonian in KM job advertisements from the late 1990s, KM might have progressed faster than it has.





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Dear Friends,


As the Head of KM at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, I am looking for a couple of *consultants* that fit the attached professional profile.


I am looking for people with a broad professional and skill profile, able to provide traditional library services as well as  more modern Information Science consulting services to internal stakeholders, and even become influential thought and action leaders in ML, AI etc.


In regard to the deployment on more modern AI/ML projects, I am looking for people who really *know* what is going on, can demystify the unnecessary hype, can manage expectations, can be seriously engaged in innovative projects, are able to create a true perception of what these innovative disciplines can realistically achieve, and can deliver accordingly.


Dreamers need not apply; hostility toward the indiscriminate usage of the word "disruptive" preferred   😉


We'll be flexible regarding physical location, but Boston (or vicinity) residence is a plus.


If interested, please reply to giovanni.b.piazza@.... Replies to the group are immediate cause of disqualification 😁


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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