February 2021 SIKM Call: Nirmala Palaniappan - Tips & Tricks for Your Lessons Learned Program #monthly-call #lessons-learned

Stan Garfield

Today we held our 186th monthly call. Thanks to Nirmala for presenting, to those who asked questions and made comments, and to all those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread. Here are the details of the call.
Group Chat

[2/16/2021 10:56:47 AM] Sundarraj: Hi all

[2/16/2021 10:57:41 AM] Stan Garfield: Slides

[2/16/2021 10:57:41 AM] Stan Garfield: Profile of Nirmala

[2/16/2021 11:15:39 AM] Stan Garfield: Recent SIKM thread on lessons learned

[2/16/2021 11:15:39 AM] Stan Garfield: Peer assist on lessons learned

[2/16/2021 11:22:06 AM] Stan Garfield: Lessons learned process

[2/16/2021 11:22:06 AM] Stan Garfield: Proven practices for lessons learned

[2/16/2021 11:23:37 AM] Andrew Trickett: Nirmala was it 5 fingers methodology?

[2/16/2021 11:23:37 AM] Andrew Trickett: Thank you

[2/16/2021 11:29:30 AM] Barbara FIllip: There is often a perception that "lessons learned" are about failures and "best practices" are about successes.  That perception needs to be corrected often.

[2/16/2021 11:29:59 AM] Joitske: What is the incentive for people to invest time in lessons learned?

[2/16/2021 11:30:57 AM] Bob Farricker: We use the phrase "Things that could have gone better" to limit negativity

[2/16/2021 11:31:27 AM] Katelyn Bryant-Comstock: How do you avoid the lessons learned database becoming "yet another database"?

[2/16/2021 11:35:22 AM] Ken Wiggins: find individuals don't know what "lessons are".  They wait until the end of projects for others to contribute to what they think lessons may be

[2/16/2021 11:37:08 AM] Andrew Trickett: Stan can I pitch in on Ken’s point

[2/16/2021 11:38:12 AM] Ninez Piezas-Jerbi: what is the typical challenge of having/investing in a lessons learned database?

[2/16/2021 11:39:13 AM] Ken Wiggins: May I answer Andrew's points?

[2/16/2021 11:39:13 AM] Ken Wiggins: Much appreciated, thank you Andrew

[2/16/2021 11:44:02 AM] Ninez Piezas-Jerbi: thank you!

[2/16/2021 11:44:46 AM] Eugene Victorov: Any experience on reporting lessons learned ROI? In my experience - only as amount of risk mitigated in terms of money.

[2/16/2021 11:44:46 AM] Eugene Victorov: thank you!

[2/16/2021 11:50:08 AM] Bob Farricker: Thanks. Great topic and presentation

[2/16/2021 11:50:15 AM] Barbara FIllip: Thank you.

[2/16/2021 11:50:23 AM] Ken Wiggins: Great session, thanks everyone

[2/16/2021 11:50:24 AM] Stephen Hall: Thank you

[2/16/2021 11:50:28 AM] Joitske: thanks!

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