Identify subject matter experts by information consumption? #expertise-location

Sam Yip

Hi all - I am curious to understand the process by which you would identify a subject matter expert within your organization. I am working on a computer science research on identifying experts by reference to their information consumption pattern -- essentially looking at the topics of what one would read/write, and use that as a proxy to determine if he is an expert**. For example, if someone keeps reading and writing about "5G automation" and "carrier aggregation" (from his emails, blogs, documents, presentations etc.) then he is potentially an expert on these topics. Is this a simplistic way to approach a nuanced task? Do you have other processes to determine if someone is an expert? 

Looking forward to your thoughts

**the research methodology here is to apply algorithms to retrieve information from different channels (along with who writes/reads what), and detect pre-defined topics from the body of information.

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