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Dennis Pearce

Hi Abbe,

This is just my opinion, but I think there are two big factors influencing the KM job market right now.  The first is KM-specific: COVID has obviously put the squeeze on a lot of companies, and in my experience KM jobs are some of the first to get cut when budgets get tight because their impact is not as directly obvious as sales, accounting, tech support, etc.  I've used the analogy that the kinds of problems KM solves are often chronic aches, not sharp pains.  And so just like humans, organizations often find they can live with those aches in tough times.  The one area of KM where I've seen COVID have the reverse effect is the sudden interest across the board on how to make virtual meetings and working from home more effective.  But this tends to be more of a consulting uptick than an increase in hiring.

The second factor is more general.  There has definitely been a trend over the years of automated consumption and analysis of resumes, so if you don't have the right keywords your resume might not even get looked at by a human (maybe KM is its own worst enemy in this area?).  I retired a few years ago from a company I had worked in for over 30 years.  After a few months off I started looking for something new, and found that the traditional resume submission process just didn't work anymore.  There were even some who specifically said "Don't send a cover letter!" because clearly nobody was going to read it.

In the end, the current job I have is because I happened to know the person who hired me.  In fact, my wife and two sons also got new jobs in the last two years and in every case (health care, web marketing, and electrical engineering) it was because they had a personal connection to someone at the organization.  So I think the new path forward for a job in any field is increasingly (1) design your resume for computers, not people; (2) create a blog, twitter feed or other resources that can create a public online presence related to the field you're interested in; and (3) develop your professional network.

Dennis Pearce

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