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Ginetta Gueli

Dear Abbe,
I am in your same situation and I fully understand your worries and concerns. I also think that Dennis and Matt hit the point, completely: 100%.

What I can add here is:
- try to be an active member in several CoPs;
- probable you are already doing this, but try to stay as much busy as possible, even if the results are not coming or are not what you deserve, but
- not too much busy because as Matt said, and using other words, "sometimes is just a matter of being luck!".

I know that what I will tell you might not be of such great help, but I want to let you know that US labour market is more active (or less inactive) than the European one. In particularly South European countries are suffering a lot and there are no sign of recovery, still (Z-E-R-O). Pure KM jobs are a mirage, especially in some countries (but this is not different from the past) and we, KMers, need to recycle our background even more due to Covid-19. So stay positive, because as some Italians used to say (and most of the time it is true), when US economy will recover, you will be the first ones to get a job :-).

Hope that this email can cheer you up a bit.

Stray strong and all the best,

Ginetta Gueli
Information & Knowledge Manager | Project Manager

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