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Nirmala Palaniappan


I think you have received some fantastic inputs from the others here. I am inclined to agree with Dennis; I believe knowing someone in an organisation does make all the difference (though, ideally, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor). I see so many KM job openings every week but each position (as Matt pointed out) seems to be different from the rest and each organisation seems to want their respective KM managers to do drastically different things. 

I am, sometimes, worried about these idiosyncratic perceptions and wonder if organisations will only look for someone who has carried out projects of a certain kind. To cut my rambling short, I am in a situation similar to yours and am trying to up-skill as well as pick up projects that are not particularly related to KM. One of the things I am placing a bet on is that things will get better once economies start recovering (which is only a matter of time).

I think it is a good idea to take up probono projects for startups and NGOs, if that makes sense. Another idea is to create inexpensive service-oriented packages as an independent consultant. Do feel free to connect with me in case you want to discuss more. All the very best and stay positive. :)


On Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 8:01 PM, Abbe Wiesenthal <abbewiesenthal@...> wrote:
Hello all, I'm reaching out to the group for advice and counsel. I've been looking for a Knowledge Manager position, either in Atlanta, GA or remote, for over a year now. I've had several interviews, culminating in my most recent two-week, six interview process that did not lead to an offer. Due to the potential legal risk (I believe) it's very difficult to get feedback from hiring organizations in seeking to make myself a better candidate.

I started the KM practice in an IT/Engineering division of WarnerMedia, and have created an online KM portfolio of articles and resources that I can share with recruiters and hiring managers.  So, I'm calling upon the collective wisdom of the SIKM group! Are you still finding the job market difficult to navigate, or are you finding that more and more companies are (at last) beginning to realize the need for KM as a "need to" rather than a "nice to" have?

I've also attached my resumé (it's one that I tweak depending on the job focus, but its basics remain the same) in the hope that other SIKM members can provide comments and suggestions. And if you hear of an open position, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or at abbewiesenthal@....

Thanks in advance, Abbe

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