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Abbe Wiesenthal

Matt, everything you said rang so true to me. I too have gotten contradictory feedback on my CV from different people; I take what makes sense for the role I'm applying for and tweak my resume as needed.

I don't really have a "blog" per se so maybe I used the wrong word. I have a Confluence Space in which I've created a centralized source for my KM articles, case studies, other publications, and resources. I use it as a portfolio that expands upon my resume, rather than a traditional blog. It's a showcase for my experience with creating, curating, centralizing, indexing/tagging and sharing knowledge in a highly technical, global, IT/Engineering division within WarnerMedia.

Technology moves at the speed of light in the media/entertainment industry. We who provided the technology infrastructure for the network brands had to keep abreast of these developments in order to remain competitive as new distribution platforms and video formats come online. This use case was the primary one I used to propose, and then move into, the KM role at WarnerMedia.

Of course, once I took the job, the role of the KM Center expanded beyond its original purview, and several sections of it became useful to departments outside of our division. I also added video content which is much "stickier" and attracted more users to the site; I believe a multi-media approach to KM is a great strategy to implement.

Thanks for responding; I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of the forum members who have reached out!

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