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Katherine Sandler

Hi Abbe,

If you're curious how an algorithm rates your resume when you submit it blind through one of the Applicant Tracking Systems (like iCIMS, Taleo, Workable, etc.), you can check out or SkillSyncer. You copy and paste your resume as well as the job description and it reviews the keywords in the job description to what youve stated in the resume. Sometimes I use it to see if Ive missed a bigger concept in the role description.

In my current search for a job, I have moved away from blind applying and have just made it my goal to grow my network through casual conversation and informational interviews with others.

(If this suggestion is redundant, sorry, I missed some prior emails in this thread.)


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Hi Abbe,

Just to emphasize what Tim has just said. Often it is the language one uses during the job interview that is decisive about the success or failure.

Yesterday, at our SKMF roundtable we had an extensive discussion about just this matter. Whatever your potential employer considers as value - this is what you can give him through KM. And this has to be communicated convincingly.

We are trying to do this by defining KM around the profitability for business orientated organizations:

So by reversing the perspective from your skills to your future employer needs, is the only way to go. As a consultant I do the same for my clients.

Hope to find soon a good job.
Kind regards,

Dr. Pavel Kraus
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Am 25.02.2021 um 16:40 schrieb Tim Powell:

I’m sorry to hear this, Abbe, but thanks for sharing your story — which I’m sure will benefit others who face similar circumstances.  The past two recessions (2000 and 2008) were brutal for knowledge professionals, and there’s little reason to think that this one — which in some industries is expected to last through 2024 — will be much different.


As with all job searches, the most important thing — and often the hardest to stay focused on — is that it’s not primarily about you, your needs and ambitions, and your skills and qualifications — but rather about your client, her needs, and her organization’s needs.  When I have searched for hires, it has often struck me how little effort they have put into researching my organization and envisioning my needs — and how they could help me. 


For me, this simple (but significant) extra effort – whether or not completely accurate -- typically made the difference between someone I would hire, and the others who “needed this job.”


Hope this helps,



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Hello all, I'm reaching out to the group for advice and counsel. I've been looking for a Knowledge Manager position, either in Atlanta, GA or remote, for over a year now. I've had several interviews, culminating in my most recent two-week, six interview process that did not lead to an offer. Due to the potential legal risk (I believe) it's very difficult to get feedback from hiring organizations in seeking to make myself a better candidate.

I started the KM practice in an IT/Engineering division of WarnerMedia, and have created an online KM portfolio of articles and resources that I can share with recruiters and hiring managers.  So, I'm calling upon the collective wisdom of the SIKM group! Are you still finding the job market difficult to navigate, or are you finding that more and more companies are (at last) beginning to realize the need for KM as a "need to" rather than a "nice to" have?

I've also attached my resumé (it's one that I tweak depending on the job focus, but its basics remain the same) in the hope that other SIKM members can provide comments and suggestions. And if you hear of an open position, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or at abbewiesenthal@....

Thanks in advance, Abbe


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