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John Muz


Hi KM Practitioners,

I am new in the KM world and this is my first post on this forum. Before posting, I searched for previous posts on this but could not any,


While reading "Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow: How to Make Knowledge Sharing Work" - Frank Leistner . I was wondering what you think about the idea of Frank Leistner  calling a ‘stop’ to the word “Knowledge Management” (KM) to “Knowledge Flow Management (KFM)”. And, if his idea is totally accepted in the KM community then, why do we still have persistence use of KM instead of KFM.


Using the term 'Knowledge Management' instead of 'Knowledge Flow Management', he notes:


“it creates a wrong sense of understanding and people will use unsuitable approaches to solve issues connected with it’   ...First, there is a problem with those two words in combination…”

“After a long time of playing with alternative terms, the one that actually fits best with my understanding is knowledge flow management, because the thing that you can manage is the flow of knowledge. You can speed it up by providing tools and technology as a foundation.”


‘Along those same lines, it is not possible to “transfer knowledge,” at least not in the direct sense of transferring an entity from one person to another. What actually happens is that person A shares some information, which is then used by person B and combined with prior (tacit) knowledge and experiences to create new knowledge.’


Thanks in advance for your input.



John Muzam,

PhD – Candidate

Wroclaw- Poland

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