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Douglas Weidner

Good advice John,

Call it whatever works for you, but as you said...make it successful.

From what I've seen, being successful is much more the issue to be resolved, than the what to call it. Be successful and you can call it whatever you want.

Douglas Weidner
Chief CKM Instructor
KM Institute

On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 10:26 AM John Antill <jantill4@...> wrote:
First as long as you are doing it there is no right or wrong answer to this.It is the same as Knowledge Broker. The scientific community we belong to is Knowledge Management. Locally you can use whatever works to describe what you do. I prefer the term knowledge broker because I am selling information flow one way or the other to another party. Everything has a cost. The biggest problem we have right now is the ability to show management the actual cost per person metric on how we save money. You upgrade computers to faster computers/internet/communications to save money.  Same thing with transportation. Call yourself a Knowledge Flow manager if that helps. 
An organization's knowledge inherently needs to show the hard and soft costs. Show that.
It is a river. There are docks, eddies, boats, and a whole plethora of ways to get goods down it. You hire a river master to get it the fastest most efficient way possible. 
All KM is a guide to what you should be doing. 
I am getting a Master of Science in Knowledge Management hence a STEM degree. It is derived from the Library of Science and today librarians call themselves a plethora of titles. The point is to use what you feel comfortable with. Until the tangent intellect of a company (business intelligence) is traded on wall street, it is loaned against but not traded, I shall use the term KNowledge manager or Knowledge Specialist, or whatever the title the US Army gives me. Some are Knowledge Consultants. 
John Antill
Kent State MS KM Advisory Board Member
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