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1. KFM is not “totally accepted in the KM community.” As a matter of fact, this is the first I’ve heard of it (granted, I’m not familiar with Leister’s work; and have not been actively researching the field in the last couple of years). 
2. KM as I understand it is a broad discipline, comprising dozens of areas of endeavor. Narrative design, communities of practice, best practice sharing, after action learning, taxonomy, portals...the list goes on and on (there’s a nice diagram or two  stashed in the file cabinet here somewhere). 
3. Along those lines, the F in KFM feels too limiting to me. At a minimum, regardless of terminology, I think everyone here would agree that “knowledge” can exist both as a stock and a flow. So why rename the KM so it focuses only on flow? Whither knowledge as a stock??
4. As others have already pointed out, it really doesn’t matter what you call it - the definitional battles have been fought more times than I can count, and further resolution of them is not likely forthcoming. Focus on a measurable business outcome and call it something that reflects the desired outcome and you’ll be fine. 

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