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Hi Lee,

Interesting blog posts! Thanks for sharing and initiating this discussion. I am not sure if my response is extremely simplistic but I hope it helps you look at it from users’ perspective. Ultimately, if your intention is to arrive at measures that reflect how useful and efficient the search was for users, I believe the following aspects need to be combined into, perhaps, one formula:

1. Did the user get what they were looking for? (can only be confirmed by asking the user)
2. Did the search engine behave like a friendly assistant in the process and was the experience, therefore, a pleasant one? (Auto-suggest, recommendations, prioritisation of results etc)
3. How long did it take to find what the user was looking for? (Can be automatically tracked but will still have to be double-checked with the user)
4. Did the user find something in a serendipitous way? (Unexpected but useful outcome)
5. Does the search engine up-sell and proactively provide subscriptions, what’s popular etc? (User delight)

I believe including number of clicks and number of page scrolls will be useful but may not provide enough information on the effectiveness of the search as a lot depends on the user’s usage of keywords for the search and their purpose and frame of mind at the time of searching for information


On Mon, 1 Mar 2021 at 1:03 AM, Lee Romero <pekadad@...> wrote:
Hi all - I recently started blogging again (after a very sadly long time away!).

Part of what got me back to my blog was a problem I see with enterprise search solutions today - a lack of standards that would allow for consistency of measurement and comparison across solutions.  I've been mentally fermenting this topic for several months now.

I have just published the 4th article in a series about this - this one being where I propose a standard KPI.

I'd be interested in your comments and thoughts on this topic!  Feel free to share here or via comment on the blog (though I'll say it's probably easier to do so here!)

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