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Lee Romero

Hi James - I am quite familiar with Martin - in fact, I credit him (see my first post in this small series) with spurring me to action on this topic.  He commented on the first of my posts (both in the LinkedIn group I mentioned earlier and on my blog).

You can certainly share with whomever you'd like, though!


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On 2/3/21 4:23 am, Lee Romero wrote:
Agreed, Matt!  This is not likely to succeed, but I figured I have to try.

I *am* engaging with the Enterprise Search Engine Professionals group on LinkedIn for exactly that reason.  So far, I have had one of the moderators of that group reach out to me to help engage others "in the industry" to have a deeper discussion on this.  Hopefully, that does help get this somewhere. 

Thanks again!


Hi Lee,

Sorry for jumping so late into the thread...

Have you come across Martin White in the UK ( In addition to being my intranet counterpart in the UK, he's the author of several books on enterprise search. He's also released an enterprise search evaluation questionnaire which might be of interest.

I know there has been quite a lot of research on enterprise search, but primarily in the purely academic space. Martin is across all of this.

With your permission, I can also forward him links to the articles you've published?

PS. apologies if Martin's name has already been mentioned, I struggle to keep up with my emails on the best of days, and so could easily have missed that.


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