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Hi Gian,
I think you can get Sharepoint to actually save documents in Alfresco, but I don't really know how it's done (I had an analogous modification done, so it would save in an EverSuite implementation, and it was a quirky project indeed).
On the other hand, integrating "portlets" of Alfresco document management in a Sharepoint collaboration site should not be too difficult (to use instead of the default Sharepoint document repositories). Again, I have not done it, but I've seen some examples.
At this point, integrating both worlds may be useful if possibly clunky and expensive (or maybe not: a good integrator works wonders). But as I was commenting, looking forward Sharepoint should have a hard time keeping up feature-per-feature. So I'd probably go the second way, if any, depending on the costs. That would let your users keep most of their Sharepoint collaboration features (until they can be upgraded, possibly) while building on solid document management.
Hope it helps. Best regards,

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Hi Miguel,

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback! Seems that you have done
some trials with it. Did you try to see how it might integrate with
Sharepoint? I only ask because we have sharepoint and users are
getting the hang of it. But I can see other groups wanting to by pass
it and use Alfresco. Thus linking the two at some level would be useful.


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> Hi Gian,
> I've done several concepts on it (practical trials mostly), no full
roll-outs. It's a very solid document management platform, very
friendly for developers, with nice touches that will or will not be
relevant to you depending on goals. Integrates very well with other
tools, and supports both MS and open standards. The coming version 3.0
showcased in Barcelona adds a further layer of collaboration tools and
tricks, plus better tools for building interfaces, that make it a
great KM tool.
> Sticking to current features and comparisons with tools I've worked
with and implemented, IMHO... :
> - It's nimbler than FileNet but (on a document management level) at
least as good, without some of the worst gaffes of IBM's acquisition.
Alfresco is much more friendly for customization. Good support (on
both Community and Enterprise versions) beats my experience of
FileNet. No per-user (or other) license costs makes it cost-effective
on both large and cash-strapped organizations. You can get quality
integrators for both. On the process automatization level (BPM) they
are not on the same league: while Alfresco supports administrative
routing and can be proficient for most uses (indeed I've used it to
teach practical BPR), FileNet's processes can be exponentially more
complex, leading to powerful integrations with other tools.
> - It's far more serious than Sharepoint. While MS's tool does a
decent job of supporting team collaboration, Sharepoint is very bad at
the document management angle (lack of serious searching, for one,
makes it a bad KM solution), a poor integrated web solution, and not
though for use as a serious development platform. It's like a house
without the foundations. Alfresco has very good foundations and
currently a nice collaboration feature set (conversation support
stands out), but as of today, the MS solution incorporates some tricks
that Alfresco does not have (wiki, blog). Still, Sharepoint's
integrated tricks are substandard: neither the bulletin boards nor the
blog nor the wiki are especially good nor stand well against the
competition. And Sharepoint locks you into a Microsoft environment
while you can use Alfresco in a mixed house of Linux, Mac and Windows
(and Open Office and MS Office and...).
> Re the "open source vs corporate support" question, Alfresco has hit
a sweet spot because it has both:
> That's about it for current features. If you're looking for the
collaboration toolset, though, you would do well to browse the new
Community feature set... full integration of wiki and blog stalwarts
such as Mediawiki and Wordpress are just half the fun. I especially
like the way they manage collaboration with people outside the
> Hope it helps a bit. Of course, the relevance of all this depends on
the goals you want to attain with the tool... there's better tools for
many uses.
> Best regards,
> Miguel
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> Hi,
> I was curious if anyone in the SIKM group has used or knows of someone
> who has used the Alfresco Open Source Content Mgmt platform
> (
> Appreciate your thoughts and insights. And if you compared it with any
> other platforms.
> Thanks
> Gian...
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