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Jane Dysart

Interesting conversation & aligns with the theme of KMWorld, Nov 15-18.  Just releasing our call for speakers:

Impacting the Future: New Models & Tech for Knowledge Sharing

The past year has accelerated digital transformation of most organizations, provided more remote working tools, and illustrated just how important knowledge sharing is to those who do not work side by side. New innovative and collaborative technologies have been tested and improved to support new models and processes while people have found new ways to socialize and build relationships – all important developments for strong knowledge sharing in the organization. So how will our organizations reset following the pandemic?  What are the priorities? Join the conversation as we share experiences and lessons learned over the last year, set stretch goals for our knowledge sharing strategies in the future, find ways to deal with uncertainty and disruption, learn how to deal with vast amounts of data using intelligent assistants and machine learning, and create more agile and smart organizations. By improving knowledge flows and sharing among enterprise communities to speed decision making, innovation, and success, we can approach the future boldly and positively. 


KMWorld and its co-located events Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, and Text  Analytics Forum, showcase organizations who have creative digital solutions for their future, are allowing experimental and risk-taking processes to inform their practices, have made solid progress in changing the culture of their enterprises, and know how to utilize AI and other technology in practical and useful ways to charge forward in their industries.


Be a speaker at KMWorld 2021 by sharing your experience and techniques for the 25th annual conference, “Impacting the Future: New Models & Tech for Knowledge Sharing” and illustrate knowledge sharing in action for exceptional innovation and bottom line success in any type of organization. KMWorld 2021 is seeking experienced knowledge, content, search, and enterprise experts who can provide practical, hands-on information, case studies, and instruction that will maximize the value of the conference attendees’ technological investments. We want to share new and creative ideas for sharing knowledge, maximizing collaboration, fostering learning and innovation, building talent and a knowledge sharing culture, as well as content and other resources in open, diverse, agile, and networked organizations.


To participate in KMWorld 2021 as a possible speaker or workshop leader, or suggest a speaker, please post your submission no later than May 17, 2021 at


Hope to hear from lots of you as you share with your colleagues at KMWorld.



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Hi Nick 
Fully agree with that last statement about the goal of collaboration and wonder in fact how anyone could disagree with it.

But again I really think that this debate about when to collaborate or when not to is not relevant to Stacie's initial question for this thread: What are you finding most successful when it comes to encouraging people to contribute their expertise/content and promote a culture of sharing? 
Promoting a culture of sharing - so a collaborative culture - is not about stating that collaboration is to be used in every situations.  So I will suggest we agree to agree on that and move on from that debate.
What would be more valuable and to the point is discussing how best to promote and establish such a culture when an organisation has decided that this is what it needs to achieve its goals.



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