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All great points Patrick!

Thank you 


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 Thanks Bill. I especially like the way you advocate separation between certification and training. However while the Body of Knowledge (BOK) approach does appear at first sight to hold value, some providers have merged their training content with “BOK” claims, thus blurring that separation. We still lack independent means of verifying a body of knowledge around KM, and I think we are still a very long way off from having anything that is sufficiently diverse and deep to cover the diversity of work contexts we deal with.

What I like about the CILIP offering is that it is practical. It advances the experience-based evaluation of KM practices, using portfolio building, mentors and the mechanism of peer review. That is a framework we have sadly lacked in the past.

There is no lack of training in KM, whether “certification”-oriented or otherwise and my instinct would be that (aside from foundational education programmes in KM), there may be more value in seeking out specialised training in deep niches for the specialised aspects of KM we may be dealing with at any given time. 

KM practices and needs (as you point out) are so diverse that I am not sure how valuable a generalised (context-free) certification course can be, aside from building some foundational knowledge, which is useful for beginners but rapidly loses value when we get into more specialised areas of work. That is precisely the same problem that a BOK approach runs into.


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Stephen and Patrick--
This subject resurfaces regularly.  I can share two Linked In articles I posted on certification in KM and why it cannot yet exist.  The articles share many of your points.
Training organizations offer “certification” but in reality the “certification” is a certificate demonstrating completion of offered training. While there may be personal value in taking the training it is not certification around a body of knowledge.
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Hi Patrick,

I'm very much looking forward to this session. BTW, I ended up re-reading a 2006 article of yours and think it is definitely worth considering to what extent CILIP is or is not a "certification" program, noting the the challenges and goals you outlined so nicely back then.

I have taken the liberty of lightly revising what you wrote to reflect my assessment of our present situation as per the below:

What would you expect to see in a professional KM certification programme?

A "strong" KM certification programme would need diverse instructional and testing in:
  • Knowledge: taught input and verbal testing (ie describe the difference between a knowledge strategy and a knowledge management strategy)
  • Skills: demonstration, supervised practice and outcomes based testing (ie put together a project plan for a knowledge audit; conduct an after action review session for a project team)
  • Attitudes and Values: cannot be taught or tested, can only be modelled and observed in an environment of continuing professional interaction and peer review
  • Aptitudes: cannot be taught, can only be uncovered and fostered over time, most likely in a mentoring/coaching kind of partnership

And therefore a good KM certification programme would need to have:

  • taught and examined knowledge input
  • guided and assessed practice
  • continuing professional interaction and peer review over time
  • mentoring and coaching structures

Professional societies or networks are clearly the best candidates for providing this combination of features: as good as universities are, few of them are well placed to develop and deliver the practice based skills and professional interaction areas. To avoid the inevitable distortions of commercial gain, certification and training courses in KM should be not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature.

A problem is that -- with the possible exception of the ISO 30401 KMS standard -- there is still no commonly accepted set of concepts, theories and practices that embody KM. As such we must acknowledge that from the "knowledge" point of view (as distinct from skills, values and aptitudes), any certification is likely to only represent one perspective among many.

Based on what I know of the CILIP chartership, my assessment is that the focus is primarily on demonstrated skills. There is definitely some intent to test demonstrated attitudes and values as well, but it appears to be neither designed or intended to address the knowledge or aptitude components of a hypothetical "certification".

Having this option still represents a significant leap forward from the status quo of course! However, I am interested to unpack and discuss we can make progress as a community in the other areas as well.

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On 22/03/2021 12:00 pm, Patrick Lambe wrote:
Hi Aprill 
ISKO Singapore is holding a virtual panel with CILIP on the KM Chartership on 18 June (the panel will include a couple of chartership candidates, one of whom is a consultant). You (and other list members) are welcome to register and participate in  this event - there is no charge. Note the timing is 4pm Singapore time.
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As above... 
Are any consultants here thinking about the CILIP chartership? Wondering what the value of joining will be when I can't get an employer to cover the cost.


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