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Dennis Thomas


Many people in KM consider data and information to be knowledge.  We believe that data and information  equates to only about 15% of knowledge.  The other 85% is the applied theory or rational intelligence that gives data it context, meaning, and purpose.  This is true for information too (PDF, Word Docs, PowerPoint presentations, etc.). Its all part of the info glut problem.  

Both manual and knowledge workers need to learn the how, why, and what-if knowledge related to the situations and circumstances of their work environment.   What good is more data and information if people don’t know how to use it?

Another huge and persistent problem is that if people cannot get the knowledge they need to do their jobs, they either invent what they need to do on their own, which may be wrong, or they put off doing anything.  On average, 5.3 hrs is lost per week as a direct result of not getting USEABLE knowledge they can apply.  So the idea of finding someone who can answer your question is slightly naive.  People are busy on their own projects. Research shows that 70% of workers complain about the availability of managers and coworkers being available to answer their questions.  

Many KMer’s think that AI, ML, NLP, holds the answer, but in reality, most adhere to the ideals of big business that can sfford their consulting fees.  There are 10s of millions of small and medium size companies that don’t have enough data to justify Machine Learning, or the money to pay for it.  Keep in mind that the bloom is off the rose because the failure rate of AI and ML programs is as high as 65% according to Forbes.  Industry people know that the failure rate is much higher.

My recommendation is to set your sites on a simple program that catalogues and indexes lessons-learned strategies, tasks, and processes that people can readily understand and use.  This practical approach might make more sense to you.  Remember, senior level programmers make $125 per hour.  They are like artists who are deeply experienced with the multitudes of platforms, open source software libraries, and utilities that they can integrate to save you money while delivering a FUNCTIONAL application.   Their personalities can be challenging, but if fairly treated and properly directed, you will get the result you want. 

Good luck! 
DL Thomas

On March 24, 2021 at 2:46:42 PM, Matt Moore (matt@...) wrote:


“I truly believe that the trend will be just to index what is considered the key information of a company”

So what do you think is considered the key information of a company?


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I truly believe that the trend will be just to index what is considered the key information of a company

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