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Dan Ranta

Hi Vandana - a typical or sample set of swim lanes (strategic focus areas) for your overall KM Strategy definitely needs to include communication / branding / training.  Below it's number 9 on this sample list, but that is not reflective of the importance.  I recommend a sturdy communication plan that starts with identifying stakeholders in groupings, then identifying communication / branding channels / mediums, then matching constituents with channels (how they will participate - RACI, for example) and then the fourth piece is executing and measuring your results and remaining agile.  For this communication plan, if interested, I can share a template with you that is "paint by numbers."  Best, Dan

1.KM Team – Operating Model
2.Collaborative Culture
3.Business Alignment
4.KM Awards / Incentives
5.Communities / Networks
7.Content / Taxonomy / Search
8.Expertise Identification
9.KM Communication / Branding / Training 

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 8:40 AM Nikhil Katyal <nikhil.katyal@...> wrote:
Hi Vandana - KM team's visibility within an enterprise has been a main challenge I too have faced. We adopted an approach which comprised of multiple actions. In fact we even measured the trust/perception as it moved upward via a mid-year and annual survey.
1. Perception building comms - There was a lot of good work happening in terms of content improvement. But no one knew. We started creating simple (creative) email comms which highlighted the enhanced content and what had improved (less word count, better layout, etc.)
2. Created a strong feedback management frame work - every time someone had feedback on the KB content, we would acknowledge it right from the time it was received, to when it was picked, to outcome details. Even if the feedback was rejected (not applicable, incorrect, etc.) we would go back to the initiator. "Closing the loop".
3. Adopted Communities of Practice approach - created a group of ambassadors for the KB tool. Who were our eyes and ears on the Ops floor.
4. Recognise Chief collaborators - people who shared genuine and useful input on KB improvements were recognised on various company platforms.
These were the top few that I could immediately recall and know for sure that worked very well for us.

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