Re: Comms and messaging plan/approach for KM team #communications

Dennis Pearce

I've been lucky to work with great internal comms people in two different organizations.  In both cases we were working on building out intranets and enterprise social networks where Comms would own the content on the home page.  It's good if you can find the "What's In It For Me?" motivator, which in this case was always increasing readership of their stories and announcements.  I would often use the analogy that comms articles are like billboards rather than destinations: Nobody sets out on a trip to visit a billboard, but they will certainly read one while on the way to somewhere else.  So if you can design the home page as the go-to, start-your-day portal to all the other places employees need to go to do their work, they are much more likely to read that content as it catches their eye along the way.

Once they got this idea, they always became much more interested topics like navigation and taxonomy.  For example, a good metadata structure allows tagging of stories which presents the opportunity for employees to read similar older stories that they might have missed.  Getting people to blog creates a set of articles that Comms can then harvest and showcase on the home page, lessening their need to come up with their own content.  Basically, I always tried to frame the things I wanted to accomplish in a way that would illustrate how it would help them do their own jobs.  This meant that over time, they were much quicker to ask the KM team for help when they had ideas for things they wanted to implement.

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