Working Out Loud - I can’t even hear myself think #WOL #information-overload

Matt Moore


So I work in an organization where email is little used.

I generally think that “working out loud” is better than a “need to know” culture but it has challenges. There are benefits in having work visible - altho “visible” is not the same as “accurately represented”.

A disinformation technique has developed among malignant online presences called “Flooding the zone with s***”. Basically you say all kinds of stuff if the hope that no one can tell what is true and what is false and everyone just disengages.

In my day, I deal with few emails but many Slack conversations, Salesforce things, ZenDesk tix, Asana messages, G-Suite docs and Confluence pages. We work out loud and the noise is deafening.

My technical solution to this challenge is that I ignore a lot of stuff.

One person’s information sharing is another person’s spam. The issue we have is that human attention is limited.

Perhaps a Marie Kondo approach is helpful. Does this Slack message spark joy? No? Well thank you for being part of my life...


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On Mar 27, 2021, at 3:31 AM, Dennis Pearce <denpearce@...> wrote:

One of the benefits of developing a "working out loud" culture is that employees don't necessarily have to actively help others (although that would be wonderful), just work in a more open way.  For example, if I post to a discussion instead of sending an email, it's essentially the same amount of work for me but it makes a world of difference in terms of information sharing.  Platforms instead of channels wherever possible.

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