Re: Working Out Loud - I can’t even hear myself think #WOL #information-overload

Matt Moore


1. TBF to John Stepper, “visible work” is only part of his WOL stuff - a bigger focus seems to be the mutually supportive WOL circles.

2. Regardless of Stepper’s intent, WOL seems to now mean doing stuff on collaborative platforms. I don’t mind that. But.

3. To Stephen’s point, if processes with roles & responsibilities are clear then no problem. In many places, processes, roles & responsibilities are not clear. As I say, I cope with this by 1. Ignoring what I think is unimportant & 2. Gradually clarifying processes, roles & responsibilities (which is a non-trivial task). I generally find that you can clarify processes in much the same way as butter - by melting everything in a pan, skimming off the lumpy bits and then letting it all cool down for a bit.

My point is not that enterprise collaborative platforms are “bad”. It is that, by themselves, they don’t make things better.

“Yelling loudly across an open plan office”

When I worked at PwC, I was given an office despite not being particularly senior. The only people who questioned this were those who had never heard me talk before.


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