Re: Working Out Loud - I can’t even hear myself think #WOL #information-overload

Retha Prinsloo

Great topic indeed: constructive WOL definitely adds to knowledge sharing in an organisation and I like your metaphor of it being available as a "uitility" to use as required Dennis. It would be great of the internal search engine/s in an organisation can be set up to crawl & retrieve not only from content like document stores or intranet pages, but also from Enterprise Social Networks (ESN).

The dilemma that this creates is that some employees may struggle to differentiate between an opinion and what the actual corporate governance prescribes, e.g. a process of a financial institution that protects persons "identifiable information" versus a 'loophole' posted by a colleague who (for argument's sake) wants to save time to be more productive but which may compromise legislative requirements. I thus strongly encourage process custodians, content curators and community managers or leaders to actively monitor and guide on ESN and via other channels to build a culture of responsible WOL. I'll refrain from commenting on attachments and duplicating documents, etc. instead of linking to the correct version of the documeny :)

"Must know" content versus "Optional / Interesting content may be supported with hastags (#WOL #Offical #FromExco etc.), naming a group as "Official", search engine scopes, etc. but also via good communication strategies to push the "must know" content to employees.

Thanks Matt and everone else who commented on this topic this far.

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