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Matt Moore


Good question. Some thoughts:
- Shift from conversations to processes. A pet peeve of mine is having the same conversation more than once. If you find yourself having the same online conversation again - perhaps this is actually a repeatable task / process? If so, build it out as a simple process (with tasks, roles, inputs, outputs, decision criteria, possibility for exceptions) and stick to it.
- Clarify where to have what conversations. At the end of the 00s, it suddenly became fashionable to add "social" functionality to every business application (in much the same way that adding "machine learning" to your app is today). That led to a plethora of conversational platforms. However the kind of conversations that you have in a CRM system are very different to the kind of conversations you might have in a Finance system ("Hey, any questions about crushing sales quota and getting that sweet bonus?" "I have a question" "Sure, bruh, what is it?" "Should we be treating our intangible assets under a GAAP or an IFRS framework? "WTF, man"). So what happens where? And how do people easily find out what happens where?
- Think through who might be interested in your stuff. When you write something, who might be interested in it? In most organisations, the "who" question is linked to the "where" question in the previous point. Do not assume that people will "organically" find your stuff. Think about distribution as well as creation.
- Make the "where" less important by integrating data across platforms. In an ideal world, where (application-wise) you have a conversation should not matter because all applications can share the relevant data and therefore all conversations can be easily linked. However we do not live in ideal worlds and mostly our data is locked away in applications that do not talk to each other. This is where the WOL actually joins up with AI/ML initiatives. For both to work effectively, you need clean, integrable data.



On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 10:08 PM Peter-Anthony Glick via <> wrote:
What I would interested to discuss is: Within an organisation like yours where WOL is the norm, what could be done to reduce this "flooding the zone" behaviour?  
So in other words, what is not quite right with the culture for people to think that publishing everything in their mind makes sense?

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