Re: Working Out Loud - I can’t even hear myself think #WOL #information-overload

Evgeny Victorov

Ginetta, support the idea of a Peer Assist call on WOL topic!
The previous one was so great that I'd hope for the new one to repeat that success.
Best regards, Eugene Victorov
Knowledge Management and Digital Workplace professional.

пн, 29 мар. 2021 г. в 10:47, Ginetta Gueli via <>:

Hello Matt & team,
I think that here is there room for a good SIKM monthly conversation. The topic is hot and felt as an 'issue' by many (me included) and I think that one hour to share our respective experiences and solutions would be beneficial to everyone.

Honestly I also think that a session like the "Peer Assist", like the one that was organized a few time ago by some SIKM members (for a different topic of course), could be a good way to approach this topic.

Emails are great, but conversations are super! What do you think? Any volunteer eventually?

Thanks and regards,
Ginetta Gueli
Information & Knowledge Manager | Project Manager

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